summer school 2024

Prepare for the IMAT test and learn Italian in Milan!

Unlock your path to becoming a doctor in Italy!

Ever dreamed of study medicine in Italy but felt tangled up in the IMAT maze? We've got your back!
Med school is launching an epic week Summer School in Milan this August, tailor-made for international students.
It's not just about acing the IMAT; it's about living the Italian dream while you're at it.
We provide high-quality teaching and a peer-to-peer approach tailored for international students, which will help you succeed in the IMAT 2024 (International Medical Admissions Test).

IMAT Mastery Classes

Gain the knowledge you need to excel at the IMAT with our targeted classes.

We focus on the core topics that matter most, ensuring you’re well-prepared for every section of the test. It’s straightforward, effective preparation that sets you up for success

Italian Language Lessons

Studying in Italy but stuck on ‘Ciao’? Time to level up!

Dive into our Italian classes and emerge with more than just ‘pizza’ and ‘gelato’ in your vocabulary.

Immerse in the culture and charm every alley of Milan with your newfound fluency!

360° support that goes beyond education

Not only do we assist in securing comfortable and convenient accommodations for your stay , but we also provide comprehensive support with bureaucracy, SIM cards, healthcare, and more.

Imagine settling into a cozy spot in Milan, where after a day of stimulating lessons, you can relax and reflect on your learning journey without the stress of logistics and paperwork!

studying medicine in milan

Dive deep into Italian culture

Our summer school isn’t just about studies; it’s also about embracing Italy to its fullest. Enjoy authentic cuisine, explore historical sites, and soak in the rich cultural tapestry of this beautiful country. 

With planned trips and experiences together, you’ll live the Italian dream, making memories that last a lifetime. With us, you’re not just preparing for a test; you’re building memories that will enrich your life forever!

We believe in fun learning and real results. Our formula? Interactive classes + passionate teachers + a pinch of Italian magic. 

Are you in?

who we are:

Join the largest Medical Students Community in Italy

We are proud to be national leaders in preparing students for admission tests to medical universities in the country.

Our motto is “students for students“, and all our activities are led by mother-tongue medical students from Oxford, Cambridge, and Italian medical schools, who have successfully passed the IMAT test.

Your gateway to life-changing journeys to Italy

Italianforawhile offers immersive gap experiences in Italy, fostering personal growth and explorations paired with Italian language programs. 

Our mission is to go beyond the classroom, allowing participants to experience authentic Italian lifestyle and culture and become, for real, “Italian for a while”.