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The process of transferring from another University to University of Pavia requires some knowledge of Italian. It’s best that you find an Italian speaking person to assist you with the process in case of need.

Please consult the following page for most detailed and up-to-date info regarding transfers to University of Pavia:

Previous years:

The info below regards previous years and is not anymore up-to-date.

UPDATE #2: Preliminary transfer candidates list pubblished

UPDATE: Number of available places for 2013/2014 was pubblished:

2nd year – 3 places for students in Italy (EU & non-EU) , 1 place for students outside Italy

3rd year – 2 places for students in Italy (EU & non-EU) , 4 places for students outside Italy

4th year – 2 places for students in Italy (EU & non-EU)

(other years -0 places)

Short summary

Transfer is possible only if free places in that year are available. So if you want to transfer to a second year for example, someone from that year in Pavia needs to discontinue his studies or transfer elsewhere to free up a spot. The number of free places should be published soon on the website.

First candidates that have passed the admission exam will be given a priority (so to improve your chances to get in to advanced years check if you can take the IMAT again). After all those requests will be satisfied and in case of remaining free spots, only then the other requests will be taken in consideration . In any case when there are two few spots compared to number requests, the ranking list will be based on credits (CFU or ECTS) acquired from passing the exams during your university studies. Then only to resolve parities in the ranks, a GPA of uni exams will be taken into account. So it’s better you do more exams than have high marks for this process. (see criteria section for details)

The deadline for application for this year is July 15, 2013 (postal stamp date)

A friend of mine who successfully passed this procedure told me that in his year there were only 5 places available and for some other years, no places were available at all. After the acception, there might be problems with recognition of previous exams. The recognition in Paiva is mostly based on the CFU or ECTS points-worth of every exam you had. What you can do before your application is to check by yourself if the exams you took have at least as many points as we have in Pavia. You can find the list here. If let’s say your anatomy exam was 12 CFU and in Pavia it’s 20 CFU then chances are that you’ll have to repeat the exam in Pavia. The person in charge for the convalidation is Profesoressa Maurizia Valli, but don’t bother her before checking since she’s very busy.

Official rules and directions for transfer to Pavia University

The info in this article was taken from official publication (in italian) on the UNIPV website as it was reported on 30.6.2013. Translation was made to my best abilities.


Passage requests to years beyond the first will be possible only in case of availability of seats in the requested course year. To ensure the availability of places for the different years of the course, a verification of free seats will be carried out on the date of 1 July 2013.

The number of free places per year will be published on the website of the Secretary of Medicine.

In order to access the degree in Medicine in the English language, it is necessary to have passed the national test for admission (IMAT) held on 15 April 2013. The only exempt from passing the test are students who are already enrolled to other Italian universities to a degree course in Medicine and Surgery in English and who have a sufficient number of credits to access the second and subsequent years in their University of origin.

The following types of students:

  1. students holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery in a foreign university (Shortening of career);
  2. students holding a Bachelor Degree in Dentistry (Shortening of career);
  3. Students with previous careers in Medicine and Surgery in English carried out at Italian or foreign universities, who wish to obtain recognition of exams they’ve already taken (Revaluation of career);
  4. Students enrolled in the degree course in Medicine and Surgery in Italian enrolled in the 1st and 2nd year in academical year of  2012/13 (students enrolled in the 3rd and 4th year in academical year of 2012/2013 should refer to the following paragraph 

must submit by July 1 to July 15, 2013 (in the case of delivery by post mail, will be the date of the post office stamp) instance accompanied by a certificate proving their curriculum (exams, courses taken, scientific disciplines, acquired credits).

On the application ( Form ), an email address must be specified, to which the office will send notification of the outcome of the request. Submission of an application pre-assessment request. The form (see link above) addressed to the Rector, needs to be sent according to the methods described below:

  • by post-mail: the form can be send with registered mail, addressed to “Ufficio Protocollo” via Mentana 4, 27100 Pavia, specifying on the outside of the envelope: “Richiesta nulla osta anni successivi a.a. 2013/2014 al Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Medicina e Chirurgia – classe LM-41 c.u.”( which means “Request clearance academic years 2013/2014…”);
  • by certified electronic mail (PEC). In such a case the person concerned must send the certified email to the following address: [email protected] – ​​in the e-mail must contain the text: “Richiesta nulla osta anni successivi a.a. 2013/2014 al Corso di Laurea Magistrale in Medicina e Chirurgia – classe LM-41 c.u.”

The application needs to be accompanied by the following documents (if sent with PEC, it is necessary to scan them):
a. photocopy of your passport or other valid form of identification to the effects of the law
b. a self-certified list of passed exams written in a special form available at the following address:
The office of Student Office will send notice to the parties concerned e-mail attached with the resolution by the year of admission.

In the period from 26 August to 20 September 2013 students from a Bachelor’s / Master’s Degree in Medicine and Surgery in English (degree type DM 509 / 99 or DM 270/2004) at other universities and students from the degree course in Medicine and Surgery in Italian enrolled in the third and fourth academical year 2012/2013 must submit the application for pre-assessment following the same procedure described in the previous paragraph (Submission of application for pre-evaluation).

After the conclusion of assignment of available places, which will take place in accordance with the instructions below, the Student Office will send an e-mail communication to those concerned with the following information:

  1. The instructions to be followed to conclude the registration
  2. a Go-ahead permission to present to their University of origin for requesting transfer at the University of Pavia

The requests will be evaluated by a special committee that will determine on the basis of the curriculum of the student, the year to which he will be admitted, based on to the rules approved by the Teaching Council (Consiglio Didattico) and will indicate the courses that can be recognized by University of Pavia.

If the number of requests is superior to availability of seats per year, you the following rules will apply:

1. All those who participated in the admission test will be given priority in the allocation of available seats, based on their position in the national ranking of applicants made by the Ministry of Education (MIUR). The student who is assigned to Pavia [by MIUR] and will conclude his/her enrollment, can be entitled to enroll for advanced years, based on the presence of free places in the year of reference, otherwise the student will have to stay in the 1st year.

After finishing all registrations of students from the national ranks of Ministry of Education (MIUR), the remaining free places will be assigned for students transferring from other universities and to students from the degree courses in Medicine and Surgery in Italian enrolled in the third and IV year in academical year 2012/2013.

2. If the requests are in excess in respect to the available places, a ranking list will be made according to the following criteria:

a) number of Credits (CFU) obtained during the studies [eg.number and ‘weight’ of passed exams]; 
b) in the case of a tie between candidates in terms of Credits, an average of University exam marks will be taken into account.

The ranking list will be published on the website of the Student of Medicine and Surgery after 30 November 2013.
Final registrations will take place in December 2013.

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