IMAT 2023 Ranking List Analysis

On November 7th, the national rankings for the IMAT test – Medicine in English will be released. The time has come to enrich the Testbusters analysis panorama with the first part of the IMAT results: the anonymous ranking list!

Why is it essential to know IMAT – Medicine in English?

If you are here to understand what we are talking about and get an idea of the possibilities our beautiful country offers you, you are in the right place.

This entry test gives you access to a degree course for the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry, with a curriculum entirely in English, making you a recognised and qualified professional throughout Europe!

Can you enter private universities with this test?

No, with the IMAT – Medicine in English you can only apply to public and state universities. Private universities have their own rules for admission. We suggest you read each announcement carefully because they can also be very different from each other, as well as the tests for public universities.

What to expect from the publication of the IMAT rankings

These national rankings can be viewed, as of November 7th, by accessing your reserved area of Universitaly.

There you will find:

  • your score
  • your position in the ranking
  • your situation in the ranking list

Your situation may look like this:

  • ASSIGNED → congratulations! You have officially gotten a place. Now, all you have to do is respect the 4 business days you must enroll. Otherwise, you will lose your place for the year.
  • BOOKED → A location other than your first choice has a place reserved for you. You can now choose to enroll immediately in the university where you are booked, or you can confirm your interest in remaining on the ranking list and wait to move to a different location.
  • WAITING → you are almost there! You can wait for more favourable scrollings, this is the “limbo” of the ranking list. Continue to confirm after each scrolling that you wish to remain on the ranking, and depending on your score and pre-selected choices, you can wait for a place to become available for you.
  • NOT RANKING → for this situation, there is not much you can do for this year, but don’t let it get you down. Take a few days to revise and immediately start again in better preparation!

If you want to know more, read our full article.

Testbusters analysis anonymous IMAT results 2023

On October 26th 2023, Universitaly published the anonymous IMAT test results, broken down into individual files per test venue. This year, unlike previous ones, the ministry has also made public the results of tests taken at foreign venues by non-EU candidates not resident in Italy.

We want to point out that our forecasts apply exclusively to the ranking of European and non-European candidates resident in Italy.

Below is a breakdown of all available places for the academic year 2023/2024:

  • EU Medicine and Surgery: 879 places (+208 compared to 2022)
  • Non-EU Medicine and Surgery: 425 places (+53 compared to 2022)
  • EU dentistry: 42 places (-2 compared to 2022)
  • Non-EU dentistry: 18 places (-6 compared to 2022)

Please note: for candidates who took the test in Italy, the city where the test was taken corresponds to the candidates’ first choice. However, without knowing the preferences of each competitor, it is impossible to give any information on the minimum scores of individual universities.

For a more detailed analysis, it will be necessary to wait for the release of the official ranking list on November 7th; we would also like to point out that the minimum score may vary from the calculated one. After that date, we will keep you informed by updating the new tables weekly and publishing any news.

Minimum scores

  • Highest score achieved abroad: 83.6
  • Highest score achieved in Italy: 79.4 (Bologna)

Based on the anonymous ranking (of only the Italian venues where the test was taken), we estimate that the minimum score in the first assignment for the Italian venues on 7 November will be around 34.2 points (position 990-1030).

I scored below the minimum: do I still have a chance to get in?

As mentioned above, our predictions do not stop on November 7th but continue progressing through the months as the rankings progress.

Consequently, if your score is below the minimum for now, try not to worry too much: in the following weeks, the ranking list will start to scroll, so keep hoping and do not give up!

As of 7 November, you can request a personalized analysis to assess your position better.

What are your next steps?

With our constant support and in-depth analysis by Testbusters, we hope you have gained a clear picture of what to expect from this process and your next steps.

Remember that regardless of your ranking situation, the journey toward a medical degree is one of commitment and dedication. If you have been assigned or booked, congratulations! Prepare to start your study path and become a highly qualified medical professional. If you are waiting, maintain your determination and confirm your willingness to stay on the ranking list, as you may still have a chance to make your dream come true.

Finally, if you are preparing for your next IMAT test or would like more information about our services, please explore our website and contact us with any questions or needs.

Med School is here to help you achieve your academic and professional goals. We wish all candidates every success in their medical career ambitions!

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