HUMANITAS TEST: Dates, Places and Modalities

The Humanitas University of Milan, known for its excellence in medical and scientific education, has published the announcement for the HUMAT tests for the 2024/2025 and 2025/2026 academic years!

Humanitas University medicine test – HUMAT

To the surprise of many, the announcement presents little changes compared to the previous year, in which small changes brought it closer to the Italian TOLC MED. The changes introduced in the Humanitas medicine test for 2024, which have been operational since 2023, include:

  • Taking the tests on two separate dates per year, in February and March. Students have the freedom to attend both sessions or only one;
  • The possibility for students from the Italian fourth year of high school to sit for the test. The results obtained in these tests will be recognised and valid for the ranking list of the year in which they graduate;
  • The ranking will be based on the highest score obtained from all the sessions the student participated in, ranging from a minimum of 1 test to a maximum of 4.

For aspiring students, this continuity can be a safety net: they know what to expect and can prepare accordingly without worrying about unexpected changes or new requirements. However, it is always advisable to read every detail of the call for applications carefully, even if the variations are minimal, to ensure you get all the essential information. In conclusion, the Humanitas University of Milan once again confirms its dedication to excellence and transparency in medical and scientific education.

HUMAT Test 2024 dates and available places 

Would you like to study medicine in English at Hunimed? To access it, you will have to pass the Humanitas admission test. For 2024, the tests will be on two separate days for both EU and non-EU candidates:

  • First date: 2nd February 2024
  • Second date: 8th March 2024

Each day includes two sessions, the first at 10:30 and the second at 13:30. Prepare yourself well; entry is longed for, and the selection is tight!  There are 140 places for medicine for EU and non-EU citizens of equivalent status and 50 for non-EU citizens not resident in Italy.

Humanitas medicine test questions 

The HUMAT medicine test at Humanitas will be held online, home-based. Before proceeding, it is essential to prepare yourself: at least two days beforehand, you will have to install the Proctor Exam plugin on Google Chrome, which ensures proper surveillance during the test, and complete a check of your device to ensure that video, audio and connection are optimal. Shortly before the test, you will receive an email with details and instructions for identification, which you must complete one hour before the test. This step also includes a check of your environment. In due time, you will receive the link to start. The test is the same for all candidates regardless of nationality and consists of 60 questions with 4 answer options each, only one of which is correct. The total duration is 2 hours, divided into two sections of 1 hour each: the first on scientific principles and the second on academic comprehension skills.  In detail, the scientific section is divided into:

  • 10 Procedural Thinking questions
  • 10 Mathematical Thinking
  • 10 Visual Thinking.

After completing the first section, you cannot go back. During the test, you may only use two sheets of paper and a pen for notes, which the examiners will check before you begin. The use of telephones, books, notes and headphones will be forbidden. You may not go to the toilet for the duration of the test. Non-compliance with these rules will result in disqualification.

How to apply for the Humanitas test 

To participate in the Humanitas medicine test, you must apply exclusively online via MyPORTAL. Applications open on 30th October 2023 and close at 6 pm on 24th January 2024 for both sessions, February and March. Those who register by 6 pm on 28th February 2024 will only be able to participate in the March session. The application process includes:

  1. Registration on MyPORTAL.
  2. Once logged in and entered your personal data, click “Register” and select “Medicine and Surgery Test 2024”.
  3. You will then be able to select the desired session, specify any requirements and proceed with payment of the fee.

The application fee is 180 euros, valid for only two tests and non-refundable. If you choose to take further tests in 2025, you must pay an additional 50 euros. Those who have already participated in 2023 will also pay 50 euros for a maximum of two sessions. The deadline for the first session is on 24th January 2024, while the second round will be on 28th February 2024. Passing these deadlines will make it impossible to register for the test.

Hunimed Medicine Test 2024 Ranking List

Admission to Humanitas University is given by one’s position in the ranking list concerning available places. For 2024/2025, the highest score obtained in the various sessions between 2023 and 2024 will be considered (if you have already taken the test, you can enter that score as well!). Candidates must indicate their highest score obtained between 15th and 20th March 2024 on the Humanitas University Registration Portal. The official ranking will be released on 27th March 2024 at

. The evaluation system is as follows:

  • +3 points for each correct answer;
  • -1 point for each error;
  • 0 points if you do not answer.

The maximum score is 180 points. The following will be excluded from the ranking:

  • those who scored a total of less than 40 points
  • those who scored less than 20 points in one or both test sections.

How to prepare for the Humanitas test

To prepare for the 2024 test, you can participate in preparation courses in Italian organised by us, Testbusters, or take advantage of the Online Simulator and our manuals. We have designed specific courses for those who want to prepare for the Humanitas test in English. Will you be one of us?

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