IMAT Application Guide for EU Students

As the IMAT test is growing closer, you may wonder which steps are crucial for applying for the IMAT test correctly.

If it’s your first time applying, you may be unsure about the types of documents you must bring, how to register for the IMAT, and what to do after the test.

Don’t worry; the MED School team is here to help you!

Keep reading to discover all the steps you must take to apply to the IMAT as an EU student.

Who is considered an EU student?

Registering for the IMAT is more straightforward for EU students than for non-EU students.

EU status applies to residents or citizens of EU-affiliated countries, like EECA nations outside the EU. 

You’re considered an EU applicant if you’re a European Union citizen or live in Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, San Marino, or the Vatican. However, non-EU individuals residing in Europe or holding Italian residency permits also fall under the EU applicant category.

Unlike non-EU students, who undergo extensive procedures like pre-enrollment, EU students primarily need to ensure timely registration for the IMAT exam. 

Registration for the IMAT 

What is the time for registration?

You can apply for the IMAT once the Ministry of University and Research (MUR) issues the Ministerial Decree (BANDO in Italian), which provides comprehensive information about studying medicine in Italy. This includes exam dates, syllabus details, registration periods, and university-specific information such as seat allocations. 

The registration window typically spans the first three weeks of July. However, in 2023, registration took place in September since the IMAT test was in October.  When registration opens, the process and payment instructions remain the same for EUs and non-EUs. However, non-EU students must fulfill pre-enrollment requirements before being eligible to pay for the exam.

Enrolling for the IMAT Exam involves several steps:

  1. When the Ministry of University and Research (MUR) announces the IMAT registration date, create a Universitaly account. 
  2. Complete the payment for the IMAT online through your Universitaly account, with costs varying based on the currency used (roughly £114.00, €130.00, $164.00).
  3. Choose a test center from the available options worldwide where you will take the exam. If you prefer to do it in Italy, ensure you select your first choice, as this is the rule for all Italian test centers.
  4. Subsequently, you will receive two significant emails. The first will be sent to the email address you provided during the Universitaly account creation, confirming your successful exam registration and providing details such as the time, location, and chosen test center.
  5. The second email, sent to the email address provided during the IMAT Exam payment (cardholder’s email), will confirm the successful charge
  6. You must retain both of these emails for reference.

The Exam Day 

IMAT must be taken in person, not online. It takes place in several IMAT test centers around the world. Test locations usually remain the same yearly; any updates will likely be published in August. Last year, there were 19 test centers worldwide. You can check out our ultimate IMAT 2024 guide for more information on test centers. 

All non-EU students who choose to take the IMAT exam in Italy may have short-stay visas; this is optional. Note it is not the student visa that all non-EUs will need to enroll in the university after passing the exam.

Each test center enforces specific guidelines for the exam day, including the required arrival time. It is crucial to be aware of these specifications and thoroughly review the procedures for your particular center, as some students were denied entry for arriving late.

For instance, specific centers, such as Turin and Bari, stipulated an arrival time of 2.5 hours before the exam. The Qatar test center, instead, instructed students to be present 1 hour prior.

On the day of the test, ensure you bring the following documents/items:

  1. Both confirmation emails you received during the registration and payment processes.
  2. The valid photographic form of identification you used for registration on your UniversItaly account (ID, passport, etc.)
  3. Black pens. While some centers may provide them, it’s advisable to bring your own, as it’s better to be prepared and not require them than the opposite.

Post-exam Procedures

Now that IMAT is over, you submit your paper and go home. You return the books on their shelves and take a well-deserved break for a few days. You start stressing out at that point because test results will come out soon.

In the following weeks, several crucial events and stages will unfold before you receive your score and discover whether you have gained admission to a medical school in Italy. 

This process encompasses challenging aspects, such as reviewing your answer sheet, checking the anonymous ranking list, obtaining your score, and facing the much-anticipated official IMAT ranking. Here’s what you should look forward to.

  • The Italian Ministry of University and Research (MUR) will disclose the answers on its official website on the exam day. Candidates can assess their scores based on their recollection of correct and incorrect answers. Within five days of publication, students can submit ‘item challenges’ in case of discrepancies or disagreements with specific questions.
  • Two weeks later, the anonymous ranking list, with scores for every applicant, is posted on the Universitaly website. However, the list lacks names, making it impossible to identify personal results, and the scores are not in order. Fear not, since our team usually posts an anonymous ranking list analysis that gives you an idea of the minimum score you can expect. 
  • Three weeks later, you will access your score on your reserved area of the Universitaly website. This breakdown includes an overview of your overall score and performance in each section. You can also examine your answer sheet for potential errors by the testing company. Yet, acceptance into a medical school is not certain at this stage; you can only make a rough estimate by comparing your score to those in the anonymous ranking.
  • The official IMAT ranking is released four weeks after the exam. EU candidates can find it within the reserved area of Universitaly, while non-EU candidates must check with their first-choice university, as each university publishes its own ranking.


Once the results are released and you have achieved a satisfactory score, your preferred university will email you to notify you of your acceptance into their English Medical Programme. It is crucial to carefully adhere to their instructions, as the procedures may vary from one university to another. Typically, this involves scanning specific papers such as your passport and Declaration of Value (DoV). 

Although they may request additional Italy-specific documents, the pre-enrollment process is usually designed to simplify document collection, facilitating faster enrollment and smooth visa application. If you’d like to know more about specific enrollment processes, we have made several UniGuides for Italian universities with enrollment instructions. 

Following this, you will make online payments for the university fees, officially securing your enrollment in an Italian Medicine and Surgery Programme —congratulations!

It’s important to note that EU students are generally expected to confirm their offer by appearing in person within a few days.

Start of courses

As a final note, classes start from late October to mid-November, so you have just a few days to pack all your things and begin your new life after passing the IMAT.

You’re probably exhausted from all the months you spent going through past papers, question books, and biology summaries, but now you have to face the real challenge; this is when you’ll have to start studying several hours every day as you did for the past year and some more. It’s no secret that you must dedicate much of your life to studying medicine.

If you’re wondering, “How long is med school in Italy again?” the answer is… quite a bit! In front of you, there are six years of hard work.

Welcome to the rest of your life.

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